Post-SMTPNext generation SMTP mailer plugin for WordPress. Trusted by over 100,000 sites git
RunnerUpLiveSimple web viewer to work with fitness app RunnerUp git4 years
adventofcodeSolutions to, as implemented by cos. git10 months
aercA pretty good email client git2 months
aleCheck syntax in Vim asynchronously and fix files, with Language Server Protocol ...git8 months
antennapodA podcast manager for Android git
bitbakeBitbake Development tree git7 years
calcurseA text-based calendar and scheduling application git6 years
calendar-cliSimple command-line CalDav client, for adding and browsing calendar items, todo ...git16 months
cph.rsThe Copenhagen Rust Group website git6 weeks
deklarationsskriptChecklist style scripts for filing Swedish taxes git
deoplete.nvimDark powered asynchronous completion framework for neovim/Vim8 git22 months
dotaviousA library for generating Graphviz DOT language files for graphs git
dwbDwb (dwb) is a lightweight webbrowser written in C based on webkit and gtk. git9 years
etherpad-liteReally real-time collaborative document editing. git5 years
fehimlib2 based image viewer git9 years
go-webbrowser-launcherwrapper to launch a suitable webbrowser for the url provided git7 years
hello_rust_example-android git3 years
hisgleHost Inventory Script, Go Learning Experience git19 months
irssiThe client of the future git4 years
irssi.github.ioJekyll based website for git4 years
java-language-serverJava language server using the Java compiler API git4 years
kismet-preventorsilly dummy packet with the sole purpose to prevent my computer from hanging. git9 years
lctns-cliCommand line utility for Garmin LCTNS.FIT files git
matrecipe management & meal planning script. ugly hack, beware! git5 years
mazarine-watchA clean AND cluttered face for Garmin watches git
mcwmmcwm is a minimalist floating window manager for the X Window System git7 years
micmotUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. git
mongo-eduSelect and download videos and handouts from cour...git6 years
mutt-filtersCollection of (okay, one) scripts to filter non-text to be readable in pager git8 years
nrf-softdeviceUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. git5 weeks
postrunnerApplication to manage FIT files such as those produced by Garmin fitness devices...git2 years
psychA libyaml wrapper for Ruby git16 months
python-caldavThis project is a CalDAV (RFC4791) client library for Python. git5 months
ratpoisonratpoison is a simple window manager with no flashy wank. git7 years
rdesktoprdesktop is an open source UNIX client for connecting to Windows Remote Desktop ...git4 years
roughenoughA Roughtime secure time sync client and server written in Rust git16 months
rust-libzfsrust interface to libzfs(_core) and related interfaces git5 months
rust-opensslOpenSSL bindings for Rust git19 months
rust_rruleRust crate for working with recurrence rules for calendar dates as defined in th...git
ssh2-rsUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. git14 months
taiga-contrib-ldap-authTaiga plugin for LDAP authentication git7 years
two-timerRust library for parsing English time expressions into start and end timestamps git15 months
vdebugMulti-language DBGP debugger client for Vim (PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, etc.) git2 years
vimVim - the text editor git4 years